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About the Alexandria Housing Authority

The Alexandria Housing Authority was established in 1943 with the construction of two developments that housed military families during the Louisiana Maneuvers in preparation for World War II. Since then, the agency has grown to nine sites housing more than 500 families. We have become the premier affordable housing provider in Central Louisiana.

We provide safe, decent, sanitary, and affordable housing for low to moderate income families in Alexandria.

The staff at the Alexandria Housing Authority is committed to providing professional and compassionate services and we will continue to look for opportunities to improve the quality of life for our residents.

The Mission of the Alexandria Housing Authority

To promote adequate and affordable housing, economic opportunity and a suitable living environment free from discrimination.

The Alexandria Housing Authority provides affordable homes and services to more than 1200 low-income Central Louisiana residents, including over 800 families currently housed through the Housing Choice Voucher Program and another 400 currently living in our 9 public housing developments around the city. AHA also administers the VASH program exclusively serving homeless veterans.

The Agency does more than just provide safe, affordable homes.  We also offer a host of programs to help public housing residents and voucher holders increase their education, live healthier lives and reach their economic goals. Our agency strives to provide the low-income residents we serve with a full menu of opportunities to help them achieve their goals.


The Alexandria  Housing Authority has the following goals for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher  &  Public Housing Programs:

  • To assist the local economy by increasing the occupancy rate and the amount of money flowing into the community.
  • To encourage self-sufficiency of participant families and assist in the expansion of family opportunities, which address educational, socio-economic, recreational and other human services, needs.
  • To create positive public awareness and expand the level of family, owner, and community support in accomplishing AHA's mission
  • To attain and maintain a high level of standards and professionalism in our day-to-day management of all program components.
  • To provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing for very low-income families while maintaining their rent payments at an affordable level.
  • To ensure that all units meet Housing Quality Standards and families pay fair and reasonable rents.
  • To promote fair housing and the opportunity for very low-income families of all ethnic backgrounds to experience freedom of housing choice.
  • To promote a housing program which maintains quality service and integrity while providing an incentive to private property owners to rent to very low-income families.
  • To promote a market-driven housing program that will help qualified low-income families be successful in obtaining affordable housing and increase the supply of housing choices for such families.

Board of Commissioners

The Alexandria Housing Authority is governed by a Board of Commissioners appointed by the Mayor of the City of Alexandria...

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A Message from the Executive Director

The Alexandria Housing Authority is committed to providing safe, decent, sanitary, and affordable housing for low income families in Alexandria...

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