Affordable Housing

The Affordable Housing Program at the Alexandria Housing Authority has 669 apartments, ranging in bedroom sizes 1-5. We operate nine scattered sites throughout the city of Alexandria. These apartments are income-based and can be rented to individuals, families, seniors, disabled persons, etc. when available.

Harmony Garden Estates | Management Office

221 Sunset Drive | Alexandria, Louisiana 71301 | 318-473-2148

Tranquil Estates

1- and 2-Bedroom walkup duplexes. Tranquil Estates is located off Duhon Lane in south Alexandria. Located near Lee Street and South McArthur drive, a short distance from shopping and restaurants. This property consists of 35 apartments.

Garden Gate

1-5 Bedroom walk up single and duplex units. Garden Gate is located off Sugarhouse Road. This property contains a total of 37 apartments.

Harmony Village

1-4 bedroom walk up duplexes, single floor. Harmony Village is located off Monroe Street in north Alexandria. Conveniently located near McArthur Drive for shopping and restaurants, next door to Alexandria Middle Magnet School. Access to public transportation is available. Harmony Village has a total of 100 apartments.


Royal Cambridge Homes | Management Office

2207 A East Sycamore Drive | Alexandria, Louisiana 71303 | 318-443-9365

Royal Ridge

2-4 Bedroom walk up duplexes. This property is located off Brown’s Bend Road near England Drive. The property has a total of 248 apartments.

Cambridge Place

2 and 3 Bedroom, two floor multiplexes. Cambridge Place is located off England Drive or Enterprise Road. Cambridge Place was the first “Green Community” in the state, with energy efficient systems including solar panels. Cambridge Place has a total of 64 apartments.

Woodland Pointe (New Construction)

3 and 4 Bedroom, two floor multiplexes. Woodland Pointe is located on Loblolly Lane off Enterprise Road. Woodland Pointe has a total of 96 apartments.


Bayou Gardens Estate | Management Office

4114 A Phoenix Point | Alexandria, Louisiana 71302 | 318-561-2089

Wood Haven (Wonderwood) and Bayou Gardens (Phoenix Point)

1-5 Bedroom single and duplex units. Both are located on Tulane Ave. a short distance away from each other. The properties each consist of 35 and 29 apartments, respectively.


Magnolia Crossing | Management Office

4114 A Phoenix Point | Alexandria, Louisiana 71302 | 318-561-2089

Magnolia Crossing (Carver Village)

1-4 Bedroom walk up duplexes, single floor. Magnolia Crossing is located off Lee Street in south Alexandria. Located within walking distance of shopping. Magnolia has a total of 49 apartments.


Handicap accessible apartments are available. All of our properties are conveniently located near public transportation.